VVS studio A is very spacious providing a true state of the art designed control room for extremely accurate monitoring, mixing and mastering that producers, artists and engineers demand to create hit records that sound great on radio and any other medium or audio post production for movies and video. The A room is comprised of a control room, main recording room, drum room (the largest in Houston), and general vocal and Isolation room. These rooms were designed with total sound isolation in mind achieving a sound reduction figure of -74 decibels between rooms thus approaching a theoretical limit. The A room can accommodate very large session dates from large musical rock or pop groups, orchestral, to 70 voice choirs. So far 7 top 50 Billboard hits have been recorded and or mixed in our Studio A as well as 3 Grammy nominations and one Dove Award nomination.

VVS studio B is a smaller recording space designed for smaller group projects, mixing and mastering. Though the control is smaller it has been designed and constructed with the same meticulous acoustic standards found in our control room A. Accuracy is the key word and control room B delivers world class accuracy that other competitors studios canít come close to in their own A rooms. The B room consists of a control room, main recording room, and 2 isolation booths for amplifiers, singers, horn players and general isolation between live sources. So far to date 4 top 50 Billboard hits have been recorded and or mixed and mastered in our Studio B.

VVS has now added Studio C, a full midi/production room equipped with the best production equipment all producers will be able to produce their music.

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